Strawberry Tiramisu

Florida strawberry season went by too fast this year, but I got a chance to try out some new recipes. I was so excited to finally find an amazing sponge cake recipe that is very simple to make!

Strawberries have always been one of my favorite fruits. The sweet aroma evokes memories of carefree summer days. My Mum would load us up in the car with buckets to go to our local u pick. We would arrive to rows and rows of sweet juicy berries. As we ran down our chosen row we could hear “no eating”. Right what kid can pass up a fresh juicy strawberry fresh off the vine.

We did have a few plants in our garden. I would watch them closely and snatch them up as soon as they would ripen. My Mum would be puzzled thinking the wildlife beat her to them but eventually she caught on. Now that I am out on my own she competes with the deer.

Recipe used:

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