The Tomato

I love going out after work into my garden oasis and checking out what tomatoes are ready for picking. It is definitely a de-stressor. Rarely do they ever make it into the house, especially the cherry tomatoes; they are so tasty and refreshing.

Usually, I grow cherry tomatoes, as I haven’t had much luck with the beefsteak tomatoes. The previous season I was given some beefsteak tomatoes plants, but the tomatoes would never ripen – they would always get blossom rot. So I gave up and made green tomato pickles. Best decision ever. They were so good. This last season I guess I wasn’t going to let the beefsteak tomatoes beat me, so I planted several different kinds of beefsteak as well as some plum tomatoes. Well, if you think the cherry tomatoes take a long to ripen, the bigger ones take forever, but we had an excellent crop, and we even had enough to make tomato sauce. As the season was winding down, I pulled them out and made tomato jam with the remaining green ones.

Funky Tomato

Last season Roger bought me a fancy tomato, called reisetomate, which were really fun to watch grow. We waited for then to get ripe but every time one would ripen it would disappear. It appeared we had a tomato thief in the backyard. Squirrels usually go for the smaller cherry, and we had no baby iguanas, so we were baffled. One day Roger spotted a Jesus Lizard running from the garden; apparently, they love gardens. The little bugger was even eating my carrot and radish tops.

As others prepare for the cold, in Florida, we are getting ready to start our gardens. I am looking forward to this season’s crop and just finished placing my order, which included a few artisan varieties to try out.