Ms. Eight, The Kitchen Helper

No kitchen is complete without a little helper. Ms. Eight, my little monster cat, loves to help out in the kitchen. Thank goodness she is not consistent otherwise I would never get anything done.

While trying to do a photo shoot of my new herbs, Ms. Eight decided she should also be in the picture. Unfortunately, Ms. Eight has a fascination with plants and beheads them as soon as she finds them. The other day I came in with a fresh head of lettuce and couldn’t figure out why she was dancing around my legs, trying to climb up when I realized she wanted the lettuce to munch on.

Ms. Eight is also the grocery inspector. It is amusing to watch her coming running and sticking her nose into the bags to see what I bought. Occasionally she gets a little overzealous, and I have to take something away; otherwise, I end up with holes in it.

Ms. Eight is also fascinated with the loud noises such as the dishwasher, and the icemaker. We have a two-drawer dishwasher, and on occasion, she has attempted to bite the door in efforts to open the bottom door. She also jumps onto the sink and is obsessed with the water as it runs through the garburator. It freaks me out, and I have to watch her, so she doesn’t turn it on.

This fall I hope to outsmart Ms. Eight when growing my hydroponic plants and sprouts. I love my little helper as she definitely brightens my day, and I look forward to many more adventures with her.

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