The Pineapple

I think pineapple plants make a beautiful low maintenance addition to any Florida garden while giving it a tropical vibe. Pineapples are fun to grow, but they definitely require some patience as it can take over two years before you see any fruit. The best part of growing pineapples is eating the sweet juicy fruit as it runs down your chin on a hot summer day.

Pineapples are easy enough to grow; all you need is a pineapple top and a place in your garden that won’t get disturbed for a couple of years. I have several pineapple plants throughout my garden in various stages of growth. They make a great accent plant, particularly if you water them occasionally. I thought since they were a cactus which I found out they are not; they would not require much water. I was so wrong, they are bromeliads, and while pineapple plants are drought tolerant they need water in their leaves to gather nutrients to grow and stay green. I was getting jealous of my neighbour’s green pineapple plantation, as her pineapple plants were healthier and fruiting faster than mine. I now have several at the far reach of the sprinkler, so they get the occasional water but not enough that they drown.

Despite their small size I have to say they sure have way more flavor than the store-bought ones. I can’t wait for the next one to bear fruit.

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