The Zen Herb Garden

My Zen herb garden is finally finished. I love sitting here in the morning watching the sun as it starts to peek out above the tree line. It is also a great place to unwind after work before the sun dips behind the fence.

My inspiration came from the garden of tranquility, the garden of wellbeing and the garden of extremes at Mounts Botanical Garden. For me, the area I was trying to improve is difficult to grow in. I tried several times over the years fighting with the soil. The area receives no irrigation, and in the winter it is more shaded due to the fence. I finally came to the conclusion that plants grow where they want to grow, not where you want them to grow, so I stopped fighting and started listening to the earth.

I felt the herbs; aloe vera and rosemary would be a great fit for this area. I was excited when I saw my first aloe vera flower in my garden – I finally found a home for the aloe. I used some formed concrete that I had laying around and visited the local rock store and came up with a unique border. The Zen statues and outdoor wall art took some time locating, but I finally found some cool pieces.

This Zen herb garden is my getaway, and I love it. It is a great place to start the day watching the sunrise while listening to the birds’ songs. I also love sitting out here after work with my sketchpad learning to draw or writing on my laptop.




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