Turmeric Fun

Growing turmeric has been every so rewarding, fun and tasty. It is a joy to sit in a tropical oasis in the summer while watching the butterflies dance about. I love the texture of the leaves, and the water droplets make for cool photography. The best is in late winter hunting for roots and taking pictures of the crazy root formations.

I started growing turmeric three years ago on a whim after attending a seminar. This is a low maintenance plant; I just have to remember to water it occasionally. Turmeric is a shade plant, so it fits well in my covered patio creating a very tropical vibe.

In the spring put a mixture of dirt, mushroom manure and fish fertilizer in a cloth pot. I usually put the root several inches below the earth. Turmeric does take a while to grow making the containers looking barren, so I plant nasturtiums, and other shallow-rooted plants like squash, cucumber or gourds to give it a pop of color. In late December or January when the leaves turn brown, I harvest the plant. Whatever I don’t want or doesn’t look good I put back in for next seasons crop.

I have always used powered turmeric in my curries but wasn’t quite sure what to do with the roots. We have experimented with the root in tagines, and yellow adobe chicken with excellent results as well I found an amazing turmeric tea recipe.

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