The Radish


Radishes were defiantly not my favorite vegetable in the past, but on a whim, I tried roasting and pickling them this year. Now radishes are one of my favorites, so much so I planted six rows. The different shades of scarlet, red, and purple make for a unique color palette.

If you are new to growing vegetables, I would pick the radish. I think they are the easiest to grow besides lettuce. For years I grew the round radishes, but they always pop out of the ground and can some times be dry no matter how deep I put the seeds so I thought I would try the French breakfast. While the French breakfast radishes still popped out a bit, their elongated root allowed us to enjoy more of the vegetable. The French breakfast also didn’t split like the round ones, not sure if it was luck or not. Can’t wait until next season to try another variety.

My husband likes to cut them up into his salad, but we never knew what to do with the excess, so this year I decided to stagger the radishes so we can enjoy them all season long. Despite this, we still had too many, so when I had about ten radishes, I would roast them as a side dish.

Melt butter in a pan that can go into the oven. Drop in radishes and swirl in the butter. Put pan into the oven for about 10 minutes. Enjoy!

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