The Apple Orchard

I love wandering through my dad’s apple orchard as it provides a sense of wonder of how truly amazing nature is while providing a treasure of creativity for photos of flowers, insects, moss, and of course apples. Even better is that I get to sample the fruit as I wander among the trees and spoil my dad with a freshly baked apple pie.

One of the trees from my childhood is the Belle de Boskop. Boskop’s are originally from the Netherlands and was introduced in the 1850s. These are my favorite, and I cherish them, as I can never find them in the store. They are excellent keepers and make terrific pies.

The Cox’s Orange Pippin, which originates from England was introduced in 1825 and are one of my favorites to photograph with their striking orange-red color.

The Spartan apple was a surprise to find out that it originates from Summerland, Canada. It was introduced in 1936 and is an offshoot of the McIntosh apple. These are great snacking apples. When you bite into the deep maroon peel, it makes a striking contrast against the pure white flesh inside.

Wow who knew apple trees had such lineage and history!

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