Fresh Gooey Pizza

You can’t beat the aroma of a hot homemade pizza coming straight out of the oven. The gooeyness of fresh mozzarella mixed with hot tomatoes and a sprinkling of fresh basil leaves is my favorite. And best of all it is simple, fast and so much fun! I mean how often can you get away with throwing your food in the air!

I think this is one of my favorite meals as I channel my inner pizzaiolo! Pizza dough is very forgiving as you can toss it into the air while pulling and stretching it without destroying it and it still comes out fantastic.

While I may not physically be in Italy or have an authentic brick oven, I can get darn close with a pizza stone, pizza peel and ‘00’ flour. Yes, I splurged! To me, pizza is so worth getting the essential tools. The crust is amazing, and the pizza peel adds to the authenticity of creating a homemade pizza.

It also makes for a great family bonding time. Get your guests or family members involved in creating their own pizza! I make the dough the day before, or you can grab some dough at your local grocery store. Each person gets a ball of dough and a variety of toppings. It is fun to see the different creations they come up with. I did this with my nieces since no one could agree on what kind of pizza to get. A bonus – it gets the dinner guests involved, so you don’t have to slave away making them a nice meal. It makes for a relaxing evening for the chef, and I think they appreciated the meal more than if I had made them.

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