Tis the Season of Cranberries

Oh, goodie the cranberries have arrived! I am not sure what it is about these tart berries that gets me in the mood for the holidays, perhaps the bright red color? Even my parrot loves them. Either way, its time to start baking!

Now I can juice the leftovers that are still lurking in the freezer. You can never have too many cranberries; you just never know when you need them during the off-season.

I was proud of myself. I only came home with one bag, not ten. When I first moved to Florida, it was hard to get them, but now you can buy them until Christmas. I guess I was spoiled growing up near the cranberry bogs.

For me, cranberries signal the start of the holidays. Starting with Thanksgiving, I make my special cranberry sauce I found after years of experimenting. Each season I seek out new recipes to try out and add to my short list of favorites. I have still yet to find an excellent cranberry muffin recipe, maybe this year I will.

Keepers so far:

New this year! Triple Layer Parsnip and Cranberry Cake in Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan

An old favorite and perfect for Florida: Citrus Mincemeat Pie by Alison Ladman can be found here Recipe

Also an old favorite. Unique with a nice kick to it: Roast Cranberry Sauce By Saveur 

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