Yummy European Hot Chocolate

I had fun drinking my way through Belgium and Holland, but since I am not much of a beer drinker, I was thrilled to find fancy hot chocolate in the bars. I must say Europeans sure know how to make a hot chocolate! I had forgotten how good their hot chocolate tastes.

To mix it up and stay warm I would occasionally grab a cup. Each cup was an exciting sweet adventure. Every café varied in how they made their hot chocolate, but the love and pride in their work showed in each creation. They were a work of art just on their own.

Some had more whipping cream than others. Toppings varied from chocolate shavings to a dusting of chocolate, but each came with a different European cookie.

Now I know why I am always looking for another brand of hot chocolate! I have yet to find one that is comparable. Luckily the weather is starting too cool off so that I can experiment some more.

Hot Chocolate

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