The Squirrel

Our squirrel is well fed. When the squirrel is not doing acrobatics on the birdfeeder, he is sneaking off with my tomatoes. The squirrel family has been a source of entertainment for my cats, my husband and I for many years, so a few tomatoes is not a huge sacrifice.

For days I was wondering who was taking off with my tomatoes and leaving them half eaten lying around. One morning I caught the squirrel red handed and grabbed the camera. I had no idea that squirrels ate tomatoes. I always thought they just ate nuts.

I guess the squirrel wanted to expand his diet, as he certainly wasn’t lacking in seeds as my squirrel proof feeder, which really isn’t squirrel proof, is providing him plenty of food. The squirrels have provided many evenings of dinner entertainment with their creativity in getting seeds from the birdfeeder. My husband even tried to outsmart them with a window feeder. This lasted two days before the squirrel figured out how to crawl up the wall and jump into the feeder.

The squirrel

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