French Toast Memories

Ah, the memories that come with French toast! My first cookbook, my first recipe, my first home-cooked meal. Today it is still a great meal any time of the day! And a wonderful use for any stale bread – in our house that was rare! We loved bread.

For me, French toast is more than just a morsel of food it brings me back to my childhood where anything is possible. I was in Brownies, a children’s program in Canada, which encouraged young children to develop their sense of self and learn new things. For me, it opened a whole world of possibilities.

I remember coming home excited that the book fair had a “Brownie Cook-Book” and I was determined to get it. I even had to learn math, the cookbook was written in England, so I had to convert the measurements. My favorite bread to use was sourdough, in the south, it is hard to get decent sourdough bread so I tried rye bread with caraway seeds and I love the flavor.

I did get my Brownie cooking badge, as well as the Girl Guide cooking and baking badges. Baking and cooking has turned into a lifetime hobby. It’s a ‘place’ where I can relax, explore new cultures, experiment with new ingredients or techniques, have fun, be creative and learn from my mistakes. It never gets boring, as there is always something new to try or learn.

Recipe: stale bread, one egg, a bit of milk, a pinch of salt and sprinkle of pepper.

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