Xtreme Foliate

This soap is perfect for those garden days when you need a little extra exfoliate to get the dirt off. Yes, I ventured into the land of soap layering with this pumice and poppy seed melt and pour soap.

I found this recipe to be relatively easy and fun to make. This recipe called for shaving and white melt and pour soap. This soap is design to exfoliate using pumice, poppy seeds, and lagoon green jojoba beads. It is perfect for when you need a little extra scrubbing. I used the sample of Bergamot black tea fragrance oil that I received with one of my orders. I loved the uplifting fragrance, and I am not one for scent as most make me nauseous.

This soap is hard to compare to the Pink Salty as they were designed for different purposes, but I love them both. The shea in the pink salty melts against your skin creating a nice soothing effect while the pink salt created a tingling effect. The pumice and poppy seed soap is really like an Xtreme foliate.

Pumice & Poppy Seed Melt and Pour Tutorial: https://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/scrubby-pumice-poppy-melt-pour-bars/

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