Infused Water with Herbs

I love my latest obsession! Especially since I can experiment with the different herbs in my garden. Lately, it has been hard for me to drink just plain water. I avoid drinking pop or flavored water as it brings in more calories and sugar. I just want a hint of natural flavor. I tried a few of the natural flavorings, but the citric acid just activated my heartburn. Infused water with natural ingredients is the perfect solution for me.

On a recent trip to Holland and Belgium, I was excited to discover that my hotel created these in the lobby for their guests. Mostly they had orange and mint, but they also had an apple one. They were so refreshing especially after the day exploring.

My favorite herb is mint, but since I live in Florida, it is hard to get regular mints to survive the summer. My local botanical garden has started carrying herbs that are better suited to our climate, so I have been adding Costa Rica mint, and Jamaican mint to the mix. I was disappointed about the dill and cucumber, while it had a decent flavor it tasted like mildly like milk, and I don’t like milk.

My favorites so far are cucumber and mint, strawberries and mint and orange slices and mint. I think I will try oregano next as well as apple.

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