Strawberry Basil Jam

Mmmm… fresh Florida strawberries. I don’t typically make strawberry jam, but I found this recipe with basil that I couldn’t resist. Oh, my is it ever fantastic! I love the zing the basil adds to it.

The fresh fragrance of strawberries brings back memories of a hot summer day picking fresh berries off of the vine so we could take them home to make jam or freeze for later use. I swear my sister and I would eat one and then put the next one in the bucket and so on. It’s been ages since I picked strawberries.

I love basil and have at least four varieties in my garden. Mind you one of the plants is for the bees, they really like the blue basil. I have been trying to find others things to make than just pesto. Basil pairs nicely with strawberries, and it adds a bit of zing the jam.

I am not a jam eater and use most of my jam in baking, but since the strawberries are lumpy, I rarely use it for my cookies. I saw the Cuban crackers and thought it would make an excellent treat for afternoon tea.

You can find the recipe here:

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