Pampering Myself

I was so excited that my heart shaped molds came in before Valentine’s Day, I had to try them out! Who knew pampering myself would turn out to be so delightful. I definitely had fun photographing them using different props.

My bath bomb project is going to be sensational and an enjoyable learning experience. I love testing out all these recipes; I can have a spa day anytime without leaving the house. I also can’t wait to experiment with the different ingredients.

I prefer to use natural ingredients if possible, so I experimented with pink Brazilian clay to add a deep pink. I loved the result, but next time I will put a little less in. I think I prefer a lighter pink. The clay did leave a ring in the tub, but I wiped the tub out right away, and there is no stain.

Somehow I did manage to mess up the recipe but wow did they ever fizzle. I live in Florida so the humidity might have had something to do with it, as the bath bombs didn’t dry completely. I will have to keep a notebook so I can keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

Photography this was a lot of fun especially since I could play around with different props. For me creating still life is harder than found still life. In nature photography the scene is already set up, here you have to create the scene while considering composition, lighting, background/backdrops, etc. Creating these scenes takes practice but using subject material that resonates with me makes it easier.

Recipe can be found here:

3D Love sculpture print file can be found here:

Bath bomb with Pink Clay

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