Spoonful’s of Love

I feel that whatever I am cooking, or baking, it has to come from the heart. Anyone can follow a recipe but adding spoonful’s of love, well that can make any dish just a little extra special.

The kitchen is my happy place. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love to create something in the kitchen. I still remember my first cookbook, a Girl Guides of Canada Cookbook. I was so excited. My first recipe was french toast.

Does that mean it always happens? No, life gets in the way; you have a crappy day, get sick or just are not motivated. Those are the days I do not attempt to try as it usually ends up in disaster or just doesn’t taste right.

Cooking is not for everyone, but you can still make a meal special by adding extra touches such as flowers, candle(s), music, turning off your phone, etc. Everyone needs a little bit of love in their life.

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