Back to the Drawing Board: Yogurt Thermometer V2 Kaput

I love homemade yogurt, but I loved my yogurt thermometer even more. Yesterday was a sad day when the LED screen stopped displaying. I had two wonderful years of no burnt milk or eek I cooled it too much. Rumor has it V3 will be coming out shortly, and it has even more bells and whistles than before.

I have always had homemade yogurt. It wasn’t until I moved out that I tried the store bought stuff, yuck. It tasted funky, not sure why. The added whey perhaps, or the addition of way too much sugar. I didn’t have much luck until I moved to Florida and found the Publix’s brand. Homemade yogurt was the best though. I do love my smoothies.

A few years ago Roger wondered why I stopped making yogurt so one day he decided to make me some. Yoghurt making is not hard to do; in fact, it is super simple, but in today’s world we are so distracted that it resulted in several disasters. I would turn the pot on and sometime later wonder what that awful smell was, oh that would be the milk, or I would walk into the kitchen and see the pot and go oh darn I forgot again and would have to reheat.

Luckily for me, Roger was learning about Arduino’s at the time and decided to build me a thermometer. V1 was a bit cumbersome with the breadboard and all the wires. V2 was awesome. It came in a cool case and was easy to clean. I really loved the obnoxious continuous beeps; they were loud enough to penetrate my train of thought when I got involved in another project. V3 well it is still in the developmental stages but I have seen part of the prototype, and I am super excited. Stay tuned for more details.


Yoghurt Timer
Yoghurt Timer V1


Yoghurt Timer V2


Yoghurt Timer
Yoghurt Timer V2: Cooling Phase



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