Spatchcocked Chicken

I have always wanted to try spatchcocked chicken but never got the nerve to try it. Something about taking scissors to a chicken just freaked me out. Must have been my pet chicken, Penny yelling in my ear. I miss Penny she was the best little chicken ever that laid the cutest tiny green eggs. Penny would follow me around the yard or come when I called her. My sister would get so annoyed as her chicken wouldn’t listen to her. I grew up with chickens and eventually they would become dinner, so my parents gave each of us a chicken to have, as a pet.

We both love chicken but were getting tired of plain roasted chicken, so I decided to become adventurous and find some new recipes. Melissa Clark’s Chicken & Grapes sounded interesting. I usually stay away from fruit as it makes the dish too sweet; however, the grapes added just a hint of sweetness to the chicken.

The first time spatchcocking the chicken I made Roger do it while I watched. The second time he wasn’t around, so I took a deep breathe and cut along the backbone and squished it flat.

I think I like this way of cooking the chicken. It makes for a beautiful presentation while giving the impression you slaved for hours in the kitchen. The skin is crisper while the white meat tastes juicy. Now I need to find a few more good recipes to experiment with.s

This recipe can be found at:

Spatchcock Chicken

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