Fifth Generation

If you are looking to impress guests with a nice presentation I would recommend Hainanese Chicken with rice. The chicken is poached in aged chicken stock, which adds to the uniqueness of the meal and has your guests wondering at all your hard work.

Despite appearances, this dish is very easy to make and best of all none of the chicken stock goes to waste. You can reuse the chicken stock over and over again much like a starter but without the hassle of having to feed it. Whatever chicken stock is left over you freeze until the next time. When Hurricane Irma hit I thought we might lose our Hainanese Chicken stock but luckily we weren’t without power for too long. We had our fifth generation the other day and it really does taste better each time.

Another reason to like this dish is you can put your artistic talents to work and create an elaborate display. We get out our fancy platter and heap the rice in the middle with the chicken on top. Create a nice design around the rice with the cucumber and tomato slices and add a sprinkle of scallions. Put the dipping sauce in little dipping containers by each person’s plate. And voila you have a super fancy meal that tastes awesome as well. Should you have any left it makes a great snack for later.

Hainanese Chicken with Rice

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