Oh, Sweet Potatoes

Well it appears that I missed harvesting a few sweet potatoes last year. I can’t wait to dig them out to see how many I got. The picture is from my neighbour’s crop – she will be eating them for a while…

Over the years I have come to appreciate these sweet tubers and found out that they grow well in Florida. So last year I bought some slips and after digging mounds we were off to a great start. The Moorhen’s were also enjoying the new addition to my garden. Little did I know that they were eating all the leaves at the time. This set the plants back considerably and I ended up with a relatively small crop. Thank goodness I had planted one in the front yard.

Sweet Potato FlowerDespite this I really enjoyed the beautiful lavender flowers that started appearing. I had no idea that sweet potatoes are apart of the morning glory family.

Sweet potatoes were never on the menu as a child, so when I moved to the south my first encounter with them was at Thanksgiving. They were covered in gooey white stuff which I learned later were marshmallows. I now add baked sweet potatoes to my menu. I love to add just a touch of cinnamon with some butter.

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