Kitchen Inspiration

Yes, we are cookbook collectors! and most likely could start a small bookstore. I look at our bookcase and ask what culinary adventure shall we go on today? Will we travel to exotic places like Morocco, Mexico, or India? Will it be an all day venture or a quick meal? Is it a nice outside so I can relax and enjoy the evening while Roger spoils me with something grilled?  Do I feel like learning something new? How about a nice fragrant herbal delight? Or do I need to sink my hands in some gooey dough to make something scrumptious, and sinful?

We are from the book age, so most of our recipes come from books, or magazines. While we love our kindle, cell phone or ipad there is nothing worse than getting a trail of grease or flour off of your device. Also there is something to be said for a well-used cookbook that has an assortment of stains all over it, our electronic devices not so much. Books have the great advantage of staying ‘open’ all the time and are also a great place for notifications of any modifications that we might have made (well that is usually Roger).

While we prefer books, we have been known to search for countless hours on the internet looking for that perfect recipe. I find the internet most useful when researching for an authentic, native recipe that I would never be able to find in any cookbook. Our favorite website is The New York Times Cooking, unfortunately it is a subscription based website, but every recipe has come out perfect and that in itself makes it all the worthwhile.


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